How it works

portrait sitting

Sit as you would for a painter, and I will write your portrait in words. As the subject of this portrait, you are free to present yourself in whatever way you would like to be seen. You may sit still or move about, be performative or relaxed. You may be clothed however you wish, or unclothed if you prefer. The choice of appearance and comportment is entirely yours, keeping in mind that I will be writing my impression of you in this moment. I will only request that you remain in the room, and do not speak during the sitting.

A session lasts between one and two hours, during which time I will fill a single face of lined A4 paper with my reaction to your presence. Afterwards, you will receive the original handwritten manuscript, in an attractive, handmade presentation case. Sittings can be arranged either virtually or live, depending on location.

The price for each portrait is 450€/$500 (shipping included)

to reserve

Get in touch to schedule a sitting, or with any questions.