What is a Bespoke Book?

A handwritten book. Not just hand-copied from a draft, but an original, handwritten manuscript, addressed specifically to one person. An epistolary diary that isn't copied by its author.

Each person who commissions a Bespoke Book receives the only copy of a unique handwritten text, as well as the exclusive right to authorize any future reproduction of its contents.

A Bespoke Book can also be completed as part of a site-specific residency, documented over a select amount of time.

Some recipients have shared excerpts and reactions on the Bespoke Books Project facebook page.

sizes and options

an intimate, handwritten, one-of-a-kind book, specifically for you.

The mini-book

400 euro

approximately A6,
20 pages

The mid-range

900 euro

soft-cover Moleskine,
approximately A5,
80 pages

The full size

3,000 euro

hard-cover Moleskine,
approximately A4,
200 pages

commissions, questions, and quotes

Custom sizes, colors, and other special requests are negotiable.