Reviews for Sifting Through

“Sifting Through is a beautiful collection of essays both poignant and honest. Stoneking was an artist in Residence under a political regime that continues to stifle individualism and autonomy both which come as second nature to American culture and is deeply ingrained in Stoneking's inner psyche. Stoneking shows us through his witty bafflement and deep delving of humanity that there is indeed order in what seems to be at first chaos. Beauty comes in the form of understanding and not material things in Cairo as Stoneking reveals beauty can truly be found anywhere if we are willing to dig deeper into our own minds and souls, then reach out and understand the minds and souls of others in a foreign culture and to accept and grow to love what seemingly at first seems unacceptable. Bravo Jason Stoneking for being honest and brave enough to be a stranger in a strange land and write with integrity your truth.”
- Jennifer Keen, (read review on goodreads)

“This book is an incredible illustration of Egypt. I have been living in Egypt for a few months and when my friends and family ask me, "what is it like there?" I simply refer them to this book. I highly recommend it. It is a page turner.”
- Kate Siess, (read review on goodreads)

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