Press kit

“Jason Stoneking's mesmerizing, hilarious, and painfully honest works are an absolute delight. His stories made me laugh, they brought tears to my eyes, and I damn near pissed my pants a few times” “Stoneking is the smartest, quickest, funniest, and most memorable author I have ever had the privilege of meeting.”
- Katherine Sweetman, Reviewer Magazine (read full review)

“[Jason is]… a true adventurer, a manboy, a vowel … smoking on a vortex, and catching words and reeling them in from the other side.” - Tori Amos, from the foreword to Double Edged Pen

“Jason Stoneking has perfected that particularly European art of the feuilleton essay, and when I read his work, I'm torn three ways: between wanting to keep on reading for sheer pleasure; uncapping the pen and writing my own damned stuff; or running out my front door and living life to the fullest. Jason's work nags and tugs at the reader in a million profound ways, and I'm likely to miss friends, family, and my own past while reading his essays. Though I have never met Jason in the flesh, his spirit and soul are right there on the page, for any reader open and willing to make the connection. Only the most honest of writers can invite such an instant, visceral bond. His work reminds me of what's important and what isn't, and always makes me want to reconnect with long-lost friends, by talking the night away over a bottle (or three) of wine.” - Pete Hausler, Editor, Post Road Magazine

“How to describe something so original? David Sedaris for the Kerouac crowd? Bukowski meets Socrates in a Paris bar? Whatever the case, the intellectual horsepower here is awesome, the humor laugh-out-loud funny, the writing limpid as virgin spring water, the honesty sometimes devastating. And how often is it that a collection of essays reads like great fiction? I'll bet you anything you can't read just one. Delicious.” - Richard Dailey, Afterart News

"Jason Stoneking made/ Plato laugh so hard that wine/ shot out of his nose" - Black Balloon Publishing

“Simple, not complicated or overtly lyrical, Stoneking shoots from the hip with directness and a sense of humour.”
- Art Metropole Books

“Jason Stoneking is earnest, thorough and fiercely honest in his approach and the essays make a glorious amount of sense.” - artist Adam Niklewicz

“Jason Stoneking is a happening disguised as a book event. He marries an infectious energy with the smarts of a hip intellectual and the joy of a curious kid. An event with Jason Stoneking is all about the interactive exchange between the writer, the reader, the audience and the prompts that generate his delicious, bold, humorous essays. He finds the sweet spot between concept, intellect, drama and fun. Engaging and provocative, "Audience of Twelve" is a collection that will stretch and delight you. Along with "Audience of One," it's the perfect companion to a snifter of Armagnac--best shared with friends over the course of a long night's discussion.” -Terry Nebeker, One More Page Books

“Jason Stoneking's readings have been amongst the most successful we have organized at the Poetry Club. He is a terrific writer, and his way of reading his work brings it to life in a really dynamic way. His voice is raw and engaging, captivating the audience." -Nini Ayach, co-founder of The Poetry Club Art Space in Brooklyn

"In such spaces where the middle-young struggle to fasten themselves to pop machinery, Stoneking’s readings demand for lived, accessible, and proxy knowledge forms to link those of influence with their students of disbelief. Accompanied by both the light and consequence underlying such brutally hungry acts, his deep timbre calls forward for inquiry to shape nostalgia and absolve time. Jason reminds us that fact and fiction redirect each other surreptitiously, and that our understanding of place is sustained by negotiating any desire of."
-James A. Enos, founder of The Periscope Project, San Diego, CA

“One wouldn’t want to miss this amusing fiction with a paradoxically disturbing edge (Stoneking’s short story, “Beat-Off”). The author of two collections of poems, Jason Stoneking lives in Paris. But we hope soon to have the chance to see him read more widely.” - Matricule des Anges