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The Stoneking Project


Richard Dailey's film The Stoneking Project is a rock'n'roll documentary which chronicles the making of the Stoneking album Barely Legal in Jönköping, Sweden. The film follows Jason Stoneking from his days sleeping on the streets of Paris, through the signing of his record contract, the recording of the album and eventually, the demise of the band. The Stoneking Project was an official selection at both the 2009 London Independent Film Festival and the 2010 Cannes Independent Film Festival. More info about the film is available on the band's website.


Jason Stoneking, in StonekingJason Stoneking, in Stoneking



Stoneking was formed when singer/guitarist Jason Stoneking landed a record deal in Paris, France. He reunited with old friend and bassist Troy Plank to record an album with Swedish drummer Esse Yhlén. After the demo was recorded, Esse left the band and was replaced by Gustav Hultegård (affectionately know as 'Goose'). This line-up recorded the album Barely Legal together in 2001. But the album never picked up a distributor and soured relations with the producer, along with infighting in the band, led to Stoneking's break-up in 2002. In 2009, interest in the band was reignited by Richard Dailey's film The Stoneking Project. Jason and Troy were both present for the film's premiere, but so far no official reunion has been announced.

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Stoneking, Barely legal

Barely Legal


Barely Legal was the first and only studio album by Stoneking. It was produced by Theodore D. Robinson for Robinson Arts, and recorded in Jönköping, Sweden in 2001. The album features 11 songs in a style billed as punk/funk/rap/garage. The band disbanded before the album was ever distributed, but all the tracks can be heard on the soundtrack to The Stoneking Project, Richard Dailey's documetary about the making of the album. Tracks, lyrics and other fun stuff can also be found at the official website.


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