Jason Stoneking, screenplay

Soul Man

In development

Soul Man is a feature-length screenplay co-written by Jason Stoneking and Sylvain Despretz for Blacklight Movies. The script is based on an original story idea by director/producer Guillaume Ivernel. It has recently been optioned for development by Paramount Pictures.

Jason Stoneking,  knock knock

Knock Knock


In this 20's-style silent film, a young woman is devastated by the death of her husband. But when she finds out he's still alive, she's not so sure anymore about what she wants. The film stars Joanna Miadowicz and Andrew Shemin and features a guest appearance by Randall Holden as well as an original score by Tim Holt. It's Jason Stoneking's second film as writer/director. Knock Knock was selected for inclusion in the Cannes Short Film Corner in 2009.


Jason Stoneking,  Larry's Big Break
Santa fe

Larry's Big Break


Larry dreams of becoming a serious screenwriter, but there's a problem. Larry has a cancer that makes terrible Hollywood films grow from his skin. When the word gets out about his condition, the producers can't get enough of him and Larry can't figure out who to trust. Jason Stoneking wrote, directed and stars in the film, which also features performances by Randall Holden and Andrew Shemin. Larry's Big Break was officially selected for the Santa Fe Film Festival in 2006.

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