two means to an end
one morning, on my way
to work, to a job
I didn't really want,
I caught the last
possible train to be
on time, and just when
I thought I'd be there,
some guy decides to throw
himself under my train.

of all the low down
dirty stunts to pull
on a monday morning
when absolutely everybody
feels that way already.
he couldn't have picked
a tourist bus?
the river? or at least
a tuesday or wednesday?

it had to be my train,
my last possible train,
on the f irst day
of my stupid new job.
I felt like he was
rubbing it in, that he
had somehow gotten
off of my hook
and left me squirming

the worst was that
I wasn't even surprised.
it happens every day
in this city, although
usually I'm not there
to feel the brakes lock
and sit in disbelief
through the delay, waiting
to be evacuated.

I wouldn't have wanted
to trade places with him
but I wish I could
have taken another train
so my little problem
would have been bigger,
and so I could have
suffered, without being
reminded of the time.

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